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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I`m an artist from Spain. I make fan art, comissions, and comic. Im brony, so if you don`t like it, try to not enter in the Mlp folder or your eyes could bleed until death (with love)

Have a nice day! Enjoy my art! And i desire to all of you a destiny full of hope and knowledge.

PD: I had an old Deviant called Black69Rune , i change to this because this had premium lol. So, if you see some work that i posted already in the other (which is empty now) don`t think that is stolen art!
Greetings to everyone! It' been a long time from my last update of the journal, but sadly, again, i had reasons for the
dissapearance. In this case, two big problems together, during the first month i've been without net thanks to a fraudulent attempt to change our network company to another one, they had us without net almost two weeks and didn't send anyone to install the service, in the remaining time we spend another two more getting back with our old company, but as i said in a past journal, problems never come alone, just in the moment we recovered net service...
my computer died for real... so i've been another month raising some money to repair it... The good thing, maybe the unique good news for me in the last year, now my computer has a better GPU and new windows (without problems), so maybe i'll be able to make streamings in a future (YAY!)
However, i haven't been stopped two months, luckily i had acess to an old pc that my brother gave me (Yes, but without any WI-FI or another form to connect it to network....) i have many works to upload including my part of the arttrade for LillyCheese , besides, i've been working on traditional too (i had fear to be without pc the next 6 months, so i started to draw in a little sketchbook that i bought)
So well, i dont want to extend this anymore!

Thanks again for your patience!



Remember! Send me a pm and we'll talk about your work! I accept request, commissions and artrades (if there's empy slots)
But i must advice!!
I DO NOT draw Rule34 material.
I DO NOT draw fetishes.

I can draw anthro, so if you want your pony humanized, that is you're choice.

Of course, i can accept other works, not only pony material! But if that so, we will talk about it by PM. And it depends your petition, i'll see if i can or i want to do it. (I will be honest, if don't fell confortable with the work, or i don't see myself prepared or able to do it , i won't work efficiently, so i prefer to denegate with education)

The works with (WIP) are the requests that im working.
The number in front of the DEV is his position in the queue.

SLOT 2-hkolari

SLOT 1-ScarletKnives-X

SLOT 1-Clarichi
SLOT 2-Flightbeat12(DONE)
SLOT 3-Segraece 1º (NEXT!)
SLOT 4-PrincesaCrystal


Last update 10/04/16 - 17:18 pm (Spain)


Eternal Determination. (Frisk)
Woooohh!!! Finally i'm free! Good bye exams and problems, welcome summer!! I want to celebrate my liberation with a little bit of "artist determination" this time i bring Frisk to DA! (I know i have an Asgore flying out there but im having many troubles to finish it...)

I really really hope you like it!!

aaaand remember, if you want to use it for something or share it... notice me senpai!! (?)


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WELCOME TO :iconundertaleinteractive:
I hope you've been enjoying your stay
Taking thoughts on our next event if interested small heart - aqua 
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ta-da! :'D
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Dios mio es glorioso!!! ;w; Perdón por responder tan tarde nos han dejado sin red y aun estamos esperando que nos la restauren por eso he estado desaparecido! Ahora pasaré a comentar el dibujo!! Esta genial !! (PD: el tuyo esta terminado pero necesito internet para poder subirlo ;w; hablo desde el móvil.)
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May your day be filled with hope, joy, happiness and hopefully cake!!!
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Why thank you so much! :) :) :)!! Really!
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